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Who’s The Next Packer Superstar?

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I’m done talking about the last QB before Aaron Rodgers (until our Packers line up to beat that guy.) But when you mention Superstar and ‘the Packers’, the only two or three names that come to mind the past two decades are usually Reggie White, Sterling Sharpe, and that guy.

Is there a young guy on this current roster that has the game to become a verified “Superstar”? 08week1_rodgers2

Well that depends on your definition, but one thing that helps is the Super Bowl spotlight. Let’s assume, for a moment, that this team gets to a Super Bowl, or few, over the next¬†four to six¬†seasons. Who will emerge as marquee superstars?

Let me list them off, in order, of who I think will achieve that lofty status. Number one, the QB Aaron Rodgers. He has had that national publicity, plus he put up a hell of a first season starting, and the QB usually gets the glory anyway, in good times.
Next is a guy most Packer fans already think is a superstar, and that’s WR Greg Jennings.

After that, I think you have to look on defense. Charles Woodson, in my opinion, is already a superstar. But he’s quiet and underrated around the country, despite making the Pro Bowl last year.

aj hawk 2

AJ Hawk has the game and youth to become a superstar. He also has the name and fanfare. I believe Clay Matthews does too, as well as BJ Raji.
Aaron Kampman has already been a Pro Bowler, and if he plays lights out in Dominator Capers 3-4 defense, it will further enhance his status.

Justin Harrell and Cullen Jenkins have the skills to dominate as well, but a DE in the 3-4 will be hard pressed to achieve the superstar label so that’s a longshot. Nick Barnett’s best days are already behind him, although he’s got some great tweets in him still.

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