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ESPN’s John Clayton Says Packers are Now “Rodgers Team”

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The professor John Clayton of ESPN said “There is no question that this is Rodgers’ team now that the books are finally closed on Favre.”

Rodgers showed Favre-like toughness last season, playing through a second-degree separation of his right shoulder without missing a start. He needed to make slight adjustments to his throwing motion during a five-week stretch to subdue the pain, but he still threw for 4,038 passing yards and 28 touchdowns. The pain is now gone and he’s back to his natural delivery, which produces one of the strongest, prettiest passes in the league. His next step is to improve his efficiency in the final four minutes of games, but Rodgers earned the confidence of his teammates last year and should get only better this season. 

Packers Are Now Rodgers Team

Packers Are Now Rodgers Team

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