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Backfield Heats up as Tundra Freezes

December 7, 2009 by  
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Dec 7, 2009
By Tom Silverstein, Journal-Sentinel

If Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy chooses to ride his run game through a four-game stretch of cold-weather outings – and that’s a big if – his backfield is ready.

The snow tires are on, the engine is running and the vehicle is full of gas.

Throw in temperatures in the lower 20s and a 40% chance of snow Monday night when the Baltimore Ravens come to town, and McCarthy’s backs are ready to pull the load through conditions not fit for man, woman or child.

Ahman Green: "It's just fun, especially when there's snow on the ground."

Ahman Green: "It's just fun, especially when there's snow on the ground."

“I was born in it,” said backup running back Ahman Green, who is set to return after missing two games with a groin injury. “It’s something I’m used to and we’re all used to and teams that come from somewhere else that’s cold, it’s a different cold to them.

“It’s just fun, especially when there’s snow on the ground. That’s like one of those ones in the neighborhood, when you’re slopping it up and getting all muddy.”

The Packers’ backfield currently reflects the makeup of its position coach, Edgar Bennett, the all-weather back who was Mike Holmgren’s security blanket when conditions got ugly. Starter Ryan Grant has become a grinder, Green seeks contact and Brandon Jackson churns more than he sprints.                                     Full article here

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