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LeRoy Butler analyzes the Packers-Bears game

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Dec 15, 2009 ~ By LeRoy Butler ~

Q: Given what a struggle it was against the Chicago Bears on Sunday and the way they’ve been grinding through games during their five-game winning streak, do you think the Packers are playing like a playoff team right now?

A: I think they’re playing very well – good enough to get away with an average kicker; good enough to overcome some penalties; good enough that they’re winning with injuries. This shows a good team. I’m excited because they’re finding ways to win instead of finding ways to lose. And right now, in the NFC, New Orleans probably should have lost a couple of games, but they found ways to win. No team in the NFC scares me. I think this team is healthy, they’re younger than everybody, so endurance isn’t a problem. They’re very well-coached and they know who they are on offense and defense. Special teams is hurting them, but they’re good enough to get away with it. Everybody wants to win games 55-0 or 48-14, but when you can win the ones on the road, 21-14, ugly wins – Aaron Rodgers, 180 yards throwing – that’s important.

Q: Aren’t you concerned that without cornerback Al Harris they’re thin in the secondary, and probably not as good, their offense can’t seem to score in the red zone, and their kicker is in a slump? Aren’t those areas going to be exposed when they hit the playoffs?

A: Not at all, and let me tell you why….  Full story here        leroybutler5_91x64

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