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Packers Mock Draft v5.0

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03/20/2010 ~ Brian Murphy ~

1 Off-Season Addition: CB Carlos Rogers, Washington

Ted Thompson has a proven track record drafting CB’s in Green Bay, and it’s not a good one. Look at the roster from top to bottom at the CB position, and even Thompson can see that he’s never drafted anyone who can cover. He signed Charles Woodson as a free agent. And Al Harris was traded for back before Thompson got here. Tramon Williams is the only other guy who has proven he can cover anyone in the NFL, and again, he was not drafted by Ted Thompson.

Rogers is a former top-10 pick, and at age 28, is just entering what is usually the prime years for a CB. He’s had an up & down first 6 years to his career. He’s not as talented as Woodson was coming out of Oakland, but he is a premiere talent, and his draft status in 2005 was justified. He’d like a change of scenery, and the Redskins have a new coach in Mike Shanahan, who isn’t afraid to make changes. ESPN’s John Clayton reported this winter that Washington might settle for a 5th round pick for Rogers. I will call it a 4th rounder, and a possible future conditional pick in case Rogers turns into a steal. In that case, the Packers might owe Washington another 4th or 5th round pick in 2011.

The Draft
Sitting at #23, Ted Thompson sees 4 or 5 guys at the top of his board who are all still there, so he is happy to get a call from Tampa Bay, who is sitting with the 35th & 42nd picks, but really love somebody who’s sitting there at 23, and they know he won’t last til the 35th pick. Tampa Bay, in fact, had the guy rated as their 11th best player overall, so they package the 35th & 42nd picks to the Packers for the #23 pick, and a 6th rounder.

Jerry Hughes

OLB Jerry Hughes would give the Packers the best OLB pass rushing combo (with Clay Matthews) in the NFC.

#35- Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU
#42- Jared Veldheer, OT, Hillside College
#56- Morgan Burnett, S, Georgia Tech

Rd 3- Dexter McCluster, RB/WR, Ole Miss
Rd 4- Al Woods, DE/NT, LSU
Rd 5- Tony Moeaki, TE, Iowa
Rd 6- to Tampa Bay
Rd 6 comp- Zoran Mesko, P, Michigan
Rd 7- Daniel Te’O-Nesheim, OLB, Washington


5 Responses to “Packers Mock Draft v5.0”
  1. Stroh says:

    Hughes is Far and Away my favorite player in the draft! I’ve been all over him for a month now. THE best pass rusher in the draft and the best 34 OLB in the draft. Problem is he is very unlikely to fall into the 2nd rd… I have seen him going mostly in the bottom 1/3 of the first and as high as 18th overall. I would take him at 23 instead of trading out…

    Don’t like McCluster at all.. WAY to small for me! I’d pass on him!

  2. admin says:

    I don’t think McLovin, I mean McLuster, is “too small”.
    I want him for his return ability, a la guys like Dante Hall, Devin Hester, even going back to Desmond Howard and Eric Metcalf.

    As for the RB position, anything there would be a Sproles-like Bonus.

    I know Mac’s speed isn’t that great as the combine showed, but he played a lot faster than that on the real football field, against the SEC. I trust football speed more than combine numbers, any day, any year.

  3. brian says:

    OK. I sincerely hope this isnt the scenario that plays out in a few weeks. We had the #2 D in the NFl. Im not saying that they should stand pat, however, blowing a first round pick (and I did say blowing) on a D player, WHEN you have a QB who has been sacked 84 (EIGHTY FREAKING FOUR) times in two seasons, thats absurd. If anything, I see TT trading UP and going after a top tier OT. Or pray that one falls to us at 23. I can vouch for stroh up there, Im starting to think he is related to Hughes he pushes that guy so hard.
    BUT, big BUT, I dont care how great our Defense is, do you honestly believe Flynn can carry this team to 10+ wins? Really? If Aaron goes down, so does the entire year. That unto itself leads me to believe Ted will do the smart thing, the right thing, and draft a high quality OT to protect the FRANCHISE.

  4. admin says:

    The sacks were ridiculous last year earlier in the season when we were using stiffs at RT and when Clifton was out hurt at LT.
    It was Ogunleye week one, Antwan Odom week two who really killed Arod, and that was around Barbre and then mostly Colledge. Of course, same with Jared Allen.

    The fact is that when Clifton and Tauscher had healed up and Mark gotten the cob webs off him, they only allowed 10 sacks the final 7 games, which is fine. Everyone gets sacked sometimes. And some of those 10 were Arod’s fault, case in point the last one where the little CB from Arizona got him in OT.

    Our offense is great. That’s why TT paid the big money to keep Clifton and Tauscher right now. They protected Arod pretty well the last half of the year, and they made Ryan Grant look like Heisman Eddie George. If our offense is the same as last year, not even improving, then we have a great offense.

    We lost because our PASS DEFENSE looked like the Minnesota Golden Gophers against Texas Tech 2008. Even with Woodson NOT MISSING ONE GAME, we still made Favre twice, Roethlisberger, and Kurt Warner look like 1984 Dan Marino on steroids. We were embarassed. Despite a great offense and great rush defense, we were torched like the Olympic Flame. All because of our pass defense.

    The pass rush needs to step way up.
    And we need to have guys that know how to cover, which means no more Jarrett Bush and no more street stiffs like Josh Bell. We can do a lot better than that, as long as Ted is willing to bring in some veterans for once, instead of always looking for some fresh young meat.

  5. brian says:

    OK. I can see how people get the impression that Clifton and Tausch are superb, and dont get me wrong theyre very good. However, of those 84 sacks, Tausher was in the games for over 23 of a possible 32 (regl season only)and Clifton in closer to 26 of 32 games. Yes theyre good. But 84 sacks that both had large parts in giving up (as well as Colledge, absolute scrub), he will start to feel it, pressure that isnt there, ghost steps, he will not feel comfortable, passes will be rushed, bad decisions start to get made. Our saviour turns into our curse. You have to get someone who will not let Aaron get rocked, like a big 6’7 330lb blanket, make him feel safe and secure. Impact defensive players can definitely be found in the later rounds, Im not so sure the same argument can be made for high quality OL.

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