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My take on Brandon Underwood and Johnny Jolly

June 9, 2010 by  
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June 9, 2010, by Brian E Murphy

~The Green Bay Packers are a fine football team, mostly due to Ted Thompson assembling a fine roster. But more impressive than the talent is the fact that most of the players are actually pretty good people, upstanding citizens.

The Bengals have a dozen or so players who either have, or might end up on America’s Most Wanted. They have plenty of guys who have criminal records, some with serious rap sheets. That doesn’t include the now deceased Chris Henry, who had plenty of run-ins with the law before he tragically died last year.

It was no surprise to any of us that it was Marvin Lewis and the Bengals who just gave Adam Pacman  Jones a Fourth NFL Chance.

For the most part, Thompson has done his criminal justice background homework prior to drafts and has avoided the criminal element that is getting harder and harder to avoid these days in America.

Johnny Jolly's cough syrup business will most likely cause his Packer career to be cut short.

But there are a couple of players who have slipped through the cracks. Johnny Jolly and Brandon Underwood have embarassed this organization, and I would expect neither of these guys to ever get another contract from the Green Bay Packers organization.

It’s becoming more obvious now why Thompson drafted DL Mike Neal with the 2nd pick in the draft, and C.J. Wilson later in the same draft. They apparently are planning for like after Jolly. It’s not because he’s not a good player, as he is solid versus the run and he plays with passion. He has uncanny ability to time his leaps  to knock down and deflect passes.

Thompson ignored the cornerback problem in the draft because he had a lot of faith in youngsters Pat Lee and Underwood. He made no play on young, former Pro-Bowler Antonio Cromartie, who was available from San Diego.
One reason might be because Cromartie shies away from tackling so badly that he makes Deion Sanders look like Dick Butkus. But another reason might be because the young Cromartie already has seven or eight children out of wedlock with six or seven different females, all in different states.

Call that what you want, and justify it based on today’s shady moral teachings if you like, but it’s not the image Ted Thompson or Mark Murphy want to be sent from this organization, nor should it be.

This is why I think Brandon Underwood just cut his Packer career short, and I wouldn’t be surprised, now, to see Thompson surprise the Packer Nation and actually look at bringing in an outsider to add depth and talent to the CB position.

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