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Rodgers has silenced all his critics

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July 15, 2010 ~ by Tim Keown

~Here’s what you see: The cool. The ball cap pulled low, the Cal T-shirt tucked into his jeans just perfectly so, as Aaron Rodgers orders Cobb salad — no bacon, no blue cheese — in the Berkeley restaurant he chose precisely because he couldn’t afford it as a college student.

Rodgers keeps a letter written during his senior year in high school by a member of the Purdue coaching staff. He highlighted a sentence that reads, "Good luck with your attempt at a college football career."

The Nic Cage voice, the real-guy attitude, the movie-star smile, the way he treats everyone, even the starstruck waiter, with an engaged detachment that shows he’s in on the gig. You see the perspective. The way he can talk about football — or, as the pundits of profundity have renamed it, the Game of Football — as something important but not important, a kids’ game played by men who are paid like kings.

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