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Finley wants to catch more; coaches want TE to keep blocking

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Aug 5, 2010 ~ by Tom Silverstein

~If you can picture him lined up like a wide receiver, bending linebackers’ ankles with his crossover moves and jumping over cornerbacks to snare jump balls, then introduce yourself to the highlight reel that has been running over and over in Jermichael Finley’s head since the 2009 season ended.

"It gives us an opportunity to go inside and match up differently," Driver said of the receivers. "Sometimes if the corner decides he wants to stay out and guard him, then it puts a receiver on a linebacker or a safety. That's a bad combination on both parts. How do you stop us? You can't."


In the playoff loss to Arizona, the speedy tight end made his statement about how productive he can be playing multiple positions in the Green Bay Packers’ offense, catching six passes for a career-high 159 yards.

The 6-5, 247-pound Finley was regularly spread out wide or in the slot in a receiver’s two-point stance, drawing one-on-one match-up advantages against linebackers, corners and safeties, and double coverage in most instances. It is a role he not only embraces, but one he focused on all off-season.

“I just worked on more receiving skills on the outside, two-point stances,” Finley said during a break at training camp. “That’s all I really worked on. I think I’m better in a two-point because I get to observe everything. Hopefully, I can talk to the coaches to do more two-point out there than get down and block.”      Full story here

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