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Not so fast: Favre not done yet

August 3, 2010 by  
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Aug 3, 2010 ~ by Brian E Murphy

~Contrary to the Star Tribune and ESPN, Brett Favre is not retiring again.

We all should know better than this by now. This latest newsbreaker today is quite interesting when you look at it deeply. The headline from ESPN this morning said “Favre to notify Vikings that he’s retiring’.

Hmm. So it’s already news even though he’s yet to mention it to his team? Really? So how does it get out then to become news in the first place? There are only two explanations.

I believe Favre has, once a gain, orchestrated another media Favre-out with this shady leak. I think he'll play again next month for the Vikings.

The first is he leaked it to his media buddies first. The second is his media-hungry agent Bus Cook leaked it to the media first. Otherwise, unless the Star Tribune or ESPN has a wire planted on Favre’s phone, how would anyone know about it, before he even notifies his team?

Thank God for Packer fans that this media circus is the Vikings problem this time.

My source in Kiln, Mississippi tells me that Favre is not done. Also, it needs to be October or November before anyone should ever believe what comes out of Favre’s mouth when it comes to retirement. Been there, done that.

Good story here from Kevin Seifert.

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