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Rodgers embraces role as team leader

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Aug 7, 2010 ~ by John Czarnecki

~This is a very special place in the world of the NFL. The smallest city in the league has the most championships, a gorgeous renovated stadium, some of the finest football facilities around, knowledgeable fans everywhere and enough sports bars to host their arguments.

Plus, the Packers have a new leader in quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who can be best described as the anti-Favre.

“There is a special bond between us players and the fans. Yes, it is different than anywhere else, but I really do like it here.”

Down in the loading dock area in the bowels of Lambeau Field, head coach Mike McCarthy parks his oversized black truck with the winch on the back, a truck powerful enough to plow snow-covered driveways. Right next to McCarthy’s truck is a Cadillac Escalade, in Brett Favre’s old parking spot. Those are the only two vehicles in the place, immune from the hundreds of tailgaters outside on a typical practice day.

“Is that Rodgers’ Cadillac?” I asked the loading dock manager.

“No, Aaron Rodgers is a regular guy,” was the reply. “He parks with the rest of his teammates outside.”

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