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Some leftovers from the practice game in Seattle

August 23, 2010 by  
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Aug 23, 2010 ~ by Tom Silverstein

~Here are a couple of follow up items and observations from the Packers’ 27-24 exhibition victory over the Seattle Seahawks Saturday night at Qwest Field:

  • It’s unclear exactly what it means, but P Chris Bryan has been getting the majority of holds with K Mason Crosby lately. He held on Crosby’s field goals of 54 and 46 yards. Special teams coach Shawn Slocum may be testing Bryan, the former Australian Rules Football player, to see whether he can hold consistently. Competitor Tim Masthay more experience with the NFL ball. Said Slocum: “He (Bryan) is growing and growing and growing. He did a good job tonight. It was indicative of what happened tonight, making the field goals. Outstanding execution (on the 54-yarder). The margin of error is greatly reduced. The placement, the ball had to be just right, the lean of the ball, everything involved.”
  • The 54-yard kickoff return the Packers allowed in the second quarter was not pretty. TE Donald Lee and LB Brady Poppinga allowed themselves to be blocked inside too far

    "He (Lee) needs to turn the ball inside. He avoided the double team. When you have a double team you have to at least hold your field position. They’re taking two guys against one, it’s a trade off. Someone’s going to be free somewhere. When he avoided inside, it opened a field lane."

     and were unable to force returner Josh Wilson to the coverage as they are supposed to do. Cornerback Jarrett Bush held his position, while FB Korey Hall got held and S Charlie Peprah got blocked, leaving a gaping hole.

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