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Ted & Mike flirting with fire on punt returns if they use Jennings

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Sept 11, 2010 ~ by Jason Wilde

~Greg Jennings didn’t get a vote. 

The Eagles use their star wide receiver DeSean Jackson, on punt returns because of Jackson’s playmaking abilities, and now the Packers are taking a page out of the Eagles’ playbook and plan on using Jennings and starting cornerback Tramon Williams on punt returns following the injury settlement with return specialist Will Blackmon. 

“It’ll be situational, based on how the game’s going, where we are, what we need, what we’re doing offensively and defensively. That all plays into it,” special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum said of how Jennings will be used. “(Jennings is) very natural catching the ball and he’s an excellent runner with the ball. 

Jennings said: “Am I comfortable doing it? Yeah, I’m comfortable doing it. If I had a vote, would I put Greg back there right now? Eh, probably not. But I’m not opposed to doing it at all.”

  This is an organizational decision that Mike and (GM) Ted (Thompson) and myself have discussed, and it’s something that we keep in mind, the number of plays and where we are offensive and defensively with two starters as a returner. That decision can be highly impactful in the ballgame. We want to be all-in with our units.” 

A more cautious soul might not want to use the team’s leading receiver – or a starting cornerback given the young, unproven backups at the position – as a returner, but McCarthy made it clear that he believes it’s worth the risk. 

“’Safe’ is (a matter of opinion if) you have a returner that’s not a starter,” McCarthy said Friday. “We feel strongly that we’re putting our best players out there for the return game – Jordy Nelson and Brandon Jackson in the kickoff, and Tramon and Greg Jennings on the punts. I understand fully – just like you do because you asked the question – their responsibilities as starters. But we made a commitment to special teams.

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