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Wayne Larrivee’s Blog: Cutdown Day

September 2, 2010 by  
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Sept 2, 2010 ~ by Wayne Larrivee

~ I have spent the past  few days visiting family and friends here in the Kansas City area and reporters are into the annual pre season ritual of cutting their teams to the 53 man regular season roster limit.  The local media is having no trouble cutting the Chiefs but cutting the Packers is a different story.

At the risk of incurring all kinds of questioning, here is what I think will happen with the Packers this weekend when Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy cut to the 53 man regular season roster limit. 

First off, the areas of depth on this team make this a most unusual situation.  I do not have any privy info on trade possibilities, or possible waiver pickups so excluding those avenues (Ted will of course exhaust both of those avenues this weekend), I will cut the cards or roster this way:

Cuts, roster, story here

Will Justin Harrell beat the odds and actually make the opening-day 53-man roster?

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