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Clay Matthews wanted to ‘be that guy’

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Green Bay Packers’ LB Clay matthews III is emerging as one of, if not the, best OLB’s in the NFL.

~Oct 7, 2010 ~ by Liz Merrill,

~With a cluster of groupies and a whiff of booze lingering on the concrete outside Lambeau Field, Clay Matthews III gathered his long blond mane, swept it back into a pony tail and strutted off into a warm October night. Oh, to be 24, single and the wildest linebacker this side of Lake Michigan.

Coaches dig him because Matthews is the guy with the most scuff marks on his shiny yellow helmet by Sunday night. He’s broken his face mask, blown up his chin strap, and forced Green Bay to pack an extra helmet in case of a Clay emergency.

Kevin Greene: "He is relentless. He's got a tremendous motor. He has the most complete skill set I have seen in an outside 'backer in a 3-4."

Packers equipment manager Gordon “Red” Batty surveyed the latest damage after Sunday’s 28-26 win against the Lions, a game in which Matthews rushed from the right side, the left side and the middle. “Looked like a bobcat got a hold of it,” Batty says.

Quarterbacks, of course, want nothing to do with Matthews. Four weeks into the season, and Matthews has battered Kevin Kolb, sparking quarterback chaos in Philadelphia, and triple-sacked Trent Edwards, who has since been cut in Buffalo. Lots of times, they don’t see it coming. How can you miss him? Matthews is everywhere, flying around the field, hair bouncing out of his helmet, body pouncing at his target.

“You let the hair down,” Matthews says, “and that’s when the wild man comes out.” 

But apparently, the party shuts down early in Green Bay. On Sunday night, the NFL’s sack leader had a gaga town at his disposal and good reason to celebrate. His Packers improved to 3-1, and Matthews, just 20 games into his NFL career, already has been called one of the league’s elite pass-rushers. 

True, he took off with a woman to a fancy Italian restaurant on the waterfront, only it was his mother, Leslie, and they spent the evening watching football.

Matthews eventually celebrated at a Dairy Queen with a cookie dough Blizzard. He ordered the small.

“During the season … fun, to me, is getting sacks, making tackles and winning games,” Matthews says. “It’s not spending money, girls, or, you know, this and that.

“I’m in lockdown mode as far as what I want to accomplish. I don’t let anything else get in my way.”

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