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Coach McCarthy Day-After comments

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Oct 11, 2010 ~ by Brian E Murphy

  • LB Nick Barnett (wrist) and TE Jermichael Finley (knee) will have surgery in the coming days. It is now known whether either is season-ending. McCarthy said he would be surprised if Finley’s surgery is season-ending. Finley’s surgery will be Tuesday.
  • “I would be surprised if it’s season-ending, but anytime you go in for surgery, obviously it’s something you have to take the time to evaluate and once Dr. McKenzie does the surgery, we’ll have more information on the time frame,” McCarthy said on Finley’s surgery.
  • With Barnett, they won’t know if he can return until they are in there and doing the surgery. He will have surgery on Wednesday. 
  • “When you’re dealing with his particular injury, they really won’t know until they get in there,” McCarthy said of Barnett’s surgery. “That’s really the fact of the matter. So we’re holding out hope.”
  • On how long they can wait for a recovery: “Anytime you deal with injuries, particularly this time of year, when you get up into the 6 to 8-week mark, those are tough decisions to make. But every injury is different. The fact that individuals are having surgery, we should have a pretty clear-cut view of exactly, based on the individual, the history of the individual, how the medical staff feels and so forth. I really can’t speculate if we’re going to hold onto one player as opposed to another.”
  • Aaron Rodgers will miss at a minimum some practice time this week. McCarthy acknowledged he could miss the next game.
  • McCarthy on when the injury occurred: “The concussion did occur on the last play. That thing was fairly evident, just based on the communication. There was no evidence or even talk of Aaron during the course of the fourth quarter. But he took a helmet-to-helmet blow there on the last play, and if you watch the tape, just the way he reacted and so forth, that’s when it did occur.”
  • LB Clay Matthews, they got good news with his hamstring strain. Don’t think it’s as bad in the past.
  • Ryan Pickett with his ankle sprain, no timetable.
  • Derrick Martin (knee) will at least miss a couple weeks. He could be out for the season from the sound of it.
  • “We need to catch the ball.”
  • McCarthy thinks it’s “convenient” to say the Packers should have run the ball more in a game they led throughout and had a solid per-carry average. McCarthy pointed to third downs as a reason why the point total was not where it needed to be.
  • Brandon Chillar will return to practice this week with a trial practice. He’ll see how it goes and the team will re-evaluate.
  • TE Donald Lee (chest sprain) could miss a couple weeks.

    The best thing about Atari Bigby, and Al Harris, being on the PUP list for the first 6 weeks is that they won't suffer anymore injuries in that time frame. Bibgy might be the last safety standing by then, in 7 days.

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