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Green Bay Packers sorting out the mess

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Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and OLB Clay Matthews are the two engines that drive the Packers offense and defense. Both are going to be questionable for this week’s game football against Miami, at Lambeau Field.

~Oct 12, 2010 ~ by Tom Silverstein

~The Green Bay Packers’ training room went from standing-(when possible)-room only to having a table or two available in a very uncomfortable span of 24 hours, leaving the team with hope it can cobble together a competitive team for the Miami game Sunday.

Whether performance, not injuries, was the reason the Packers laid an egg in a 16-13 overtime loss to Washington Sunday is a debate saved for later. On Monday, coach Mike McCarthy was late to his news conference because he was sifting through the mounds of information on the injured.

He came out knowing more than he did Sunday after the game.

The details:

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers (concussion) has a shot at playing this week, tight end Jermichael Finley (knee) will be out three to six weeks, linebacker Clay Matthews (hamstring) didn’t suffer a major pull, tight end Donald Lee (chest) and safety Derrick Martin (knee) will be out several weeks and defensive tackle Ryan Pickett (ankle) has a sprain and is still being evaluated.

First and foremost, McCarthy knows Rodgers, who suffered a concussion on his final play in overtime, has a chance to return Sunday, thus keeping alive the Packers’ streak of 17 straight seasons with the starting quarterback in the lineup for every game.

Aaron Rodgers tries to cross the goal line on 3rd and goal from inside the 1 in the second quarter. Reporter Greg Bedard noticed that Rodgers took a hard hit to the head on the play and his statistics were dramatically different after this play.

To be cleared under the NFL’s new player safety rules regarding concussions, Rodgers will have to be symptom free and able to test equal to a baseline neuropsychological exam he took before the season. An independent neurologist must examine him and provide the Packers with his findings.

According to the league’s new policy, if he shows signs of confusion, immediate recall difficulty, disorientation to time and blurred vision, among other things, he won’t be cleared. His mental status will be tested both at rest and after physical exertion.

“There’s a protocol, and he’ll go through it just like we’ve always done, and we’ll definitely take the proper time and make sure he’s fully recovered,” McCarthy said.

Backup Matt Flynn talked to Rodgers both after the game and Monday morning and reported that he didn’t sense any difference in his behavior.

“I think with some of those things, if it’s not really severe you can’t really tell,” Flynn said in the locker room Monday. “I don’t know how severe his is. I don’t know what the doctor said, but we talked as we normally do after games, normal conversation.”

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