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Injuries decimating Green Bay defense: Hard to keep track of all of them

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Oct 11, 2011 ~ by Brian E Murphy

~To Dom Capers credit, the Green Bay Packers defense held the Redskins to one touchdown, and a total of three points entering the fourth quarter.

In the end, they Packers lost the game, but no blame can be pinned on the defense. Playing short handed, they lost the team’s best player Clay Matthews early in the 4th quarter, and everyone saw what a difference he makes.

Ryan Pickett is just one of over a dozen Packer defensive players to be injured already in this 2010 season.

Let’s take a closer look at the current M*A*S*H unit on the Packers defense.

There’s not a single healthy safety on the roster right now, unless you consider Jarrett Bush a safety.

-Nick Collins played through a knee injury that most players wouldn’t play through.
-Atari Bigby is on the PUP.
-Morgan Burnett is on IR.
-Charlie Peprah played through a quadriceps injury.
-Derrick Martin is in so much pain from his ankle that he’s on crutches.

At CB:
-Charles Woodson plays through a toe injury every game.
-Al Harris is still on the PUP.
-Brandon Underwood has a bad shoulder and has missed games from it.
-Sam Shields is out with a calf, missing his 2nd straight game this week.

At LBer, where we have a total of four healthy guys to play four spots.

-Nick Barnett is probably going on IR soon, although he’s a warrior and wants to play.
-Brandon Chillar is out with a bad shoulder.
-Brad Jones playing with knee injury and isn’t close to his normal self.
-Frank Zombo’s knee is causing him trouble.
-Clay Matthews has the same hamstring problem that sidelined him for four weeks in preseason.

And last the DL, where we only have four truly healthy guys to play four spots.

-Ryan Pickett is out at least a week with an ankle.
-Mike Neal is still playing with sore ribs.
-Cullen Jenkins is playing with one hand in a club.
-Justin Harrell is on IR.
-John Jolly is suspended.

That is 19 injuries on defense alone and we can’t even field a defense without guys playing through injuries that they shouldn’t have to play through.

We started with 27. 
19 of 27 defensive players are out or playing hurt. Over 70% of our defense is injured. And we aren’t even thru the first third of the season.

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