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It’s up to Packers to make Favre irrelevant

October 22, 2010 by  
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Oct 22, 2010 ~ by Michael Hunt, Packer Insider

~Brett Favre has become irrelevant enough in present terms that it’s almost embarrassing to make his name the first two words of this column.

He is important around here to the extent that he is the next quarterback on the Green Bay schedule. But if he throws for a whole lot of yards Sunday night against the Packers, well, so did some guy named Shaun Hill.

Favre has been gone long enough that the divisive summer of 2008 seems as if it occurred during the second Bart Starr era. If you don’t believe it, ’08 also was the last year the Milwaukee Brewers were in a playoff race. How long ago does that feel?

For purposes of immediacy, Favre has become just another football player.

Brett Favre's quarterback rating of 72.1 is 28th in the league.

He is ordinary enough that his quarterback rating of 72.1, close to his completion percentage the last two years against the Packers, is 28th in the league, down there with the Alex Smiths and Bruce Gradkowskis. Favre is common enough that the NFL is looking into the tawdry details of his personal affairs.

Even that matter, however unimportant except to those involved, has added little to the fact that Favre is coming back  . . .  again. Not to make inappropriate historical comparisons, but how many people stayed up to watch Apollo 12?

Sunday night will be as vital as a late October divisional game matching 3-3 against 2-3 can be, but without the sideshow that eclipsed everything else that happened on Oct. 5 and Nov. 1 last season.

But for now, Favre is no more or no less than what he is, a 41-year-old quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, a team only marginally worse off than his next-to-last employer.

There are no other comparisons to be made, not even the hypotheticals that continue to be thrown about as loosely as Favre’s current touchdown-to-interception ratio.

Analyze it nine ways to kickoff, but no one could say for sure whether the Packers would’ve made the Super Bowl with Favre last season. He had a magnificent year. He dogged the Packers like a rented Mustang GT and stuck it to Ted Thompson like a south Mississippi frog hunter with a Bowie knife at the business end of a 10-foot pole. He also gave it up on his final play last season, just as his Green Bay counterpart was separated from the football.

But that was then, and the only thing that matters for the Packers now is the quarterback Thompson chose to replace a Hall of Famer. In the vacuum where personnel dramas and icy relationships do not exist, Aaron Rodgers isn’t exactly setting it on fire this year, either.

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