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Green Bay Packers’ Cullen Jenkins puts unique stamp on defense

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I personally think, I watch a lot of film and have been a student of the game for a while, Jenks is probably the best three-technique pass rusher in the NFL,” nose guard B.J. Raji said. “It’s a shame he had the hand injury this year. If you watch the film, I don’t think there’s a inside defensive (lineman) that can rush the passer better than him over the last couple years."

~In most discussions with Cullen Jenkins it’s necessary lean in to simply hear, but teammates call him one of the biggest personalities on the team.

The Green Bay Packers defensive end has never put up phenomenal numbers, but he’s a perfect fit for Dom Capers’ 3-4 scheme.

The 6-foot-2, 305-pound man currently rocking a mohawk, thick goatee and a grizzled beard is simply full of dualities.

“When I’m talking, if I look calm, everything is still ticking upstairs,” Jenkins said. “So, I’m always analyzing stuff, thinking of stuff, coming up with stuff. It kind of gets me in trouble some, especially in meetings and stuff because it’s hard to stay focused for long periods of time. I lose focus quick.

“But I’m always able to be creative and come up with new stuff.”

This isn’t anything new for the guy who showed up in the locker room after the 9-0 win over the New York Jets last week dressed as Mr. T.

“I used to get in trouble in school so much,” Jenkins said. “I never got in trouble for real big stuff, but it’s always little things. I’d do little things to aggravate people and aggravate teachers. I used to get phone calls home, letters sent home all the time.

“Every time I got sent out into the hallway I’d be concerned one of the coaches would come walking by and see I got in trouble again.”

As jovial as Jenkins can be, the 2010 season is all about business. He is in the final season of a four-year deal that pays $3.2 million in base salary. Jenkins ranks No. 2 on the team with four sacks and has 18 tackles on the year. His frame is the ideal combination of strength and speed for the 3-4 scheme.

There have been no contract talks and Jenkins voiced his displeasure last month with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

“It’s almost like maybe a slap in the face,” Jenkins said. “I’m not the type of player that causes a big scene or goes out and displays his unhappiness. You just kind of feel like you’re not in the plans, like they just don’t see you as a valuable enough player.”

Underrated might not be a strong enough word to describe Jenkins.

“Ever since I came in as a free agent, people have never really noticed me too much or expected much from me,” Jenkins said. “Everything I’ve done has kind of been under the radar.”

Jenkins could have been talking about his entire life.

Always in the shadow of his older brother Kris, the four-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle of the New York Jets, Jenkins was ready to sign with Division II Grand Valley State out of high school. Born and raised in Belleville, Mich., a town of 3,472 located 29 miles southwest of Detroit, he received a full scholarship at Central Michigan at the last second after other schools lost interest during a senior season slowed by a high ankle sprain.

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