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New defensive lineman Howard Green is pulling his weight

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Nov 3, 2010 ~ Tom Silverstein and Gary D’Amato

~Green Bay — The New York Jets might not have been happy with defensive lineman Howard Green’s weight, but the Green Bay Packers have no problem with it.

A report on ESPN New York Sunday said the Jets cut Green because he weighed around 375 pounds. The Packers picked him up on waivers, and Green ended up being a vital cog in the run defense that helped the Packers beat the Jets, 9-0, Sunday.

“He played 34 snaps,” defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said. “He did a real good job. He wasn’t perfect, just like any game, I don’t care if he’s been here five years, it’s not perfect. But I thought he did an excellent job of picking up our system and allowing us to go in and basically call the game plan that Dom (Capers) wanted to call.”

Capers, the Packers’ defensive coordinator, laughed when asked about Green’s weight, saying the more the merrier as far as he was concerned.

“We kind of like big guys,” Capers said. “I know this: A couple of weeks ago when you looked at us from behind, those rear ends weren’t quite as wide as they were out there yesterday. Those linebackers like those wide rear ends because they use up more blocks.”

The thought of having the 360/375-pound Green at one end position, the 340/350-pound Ryan Pickett at another end position and the 340/350-pound B.J. Raji in the middle allows Capers to feel much better about his run defense. If some team wants to line it up and run it against the Packers, he’s got the beef to make them reconsider.

Newly signed Packers lineman Howard Green hits New York running back LaDainian Tomlinson as he tries to hand off a reverse to Jerricho Cotchery.

Green doesn’t have the movement skills Pickett and Raji do and he’s not going to pose a threat rushing the passer, but he is someone the coaches can count on. He arrived on Thursday and spent the next three days learning the defense, enough so that he could play about as many snaps as veteran Cullen Jenkins did.

“I met with him on Thursday night, I met with him extra on Friday, met with him extra on Saturday, met with him extra on Saturday night and every time I met with him you could see that kid had picked up more and more information,” Trgovac said. “It was very obvious to me that he wasn’t going back to his hotel room and lying around. He had his book out.

“That’s what nine years (in the NFL) will give you. That’s why I thought that was such a good pickup by Ted (Thompson).”

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