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Why Aaron Rodgers is better than Brett Favre

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By Brian E Murphy, PackersInsider Senior Editor

~Fifteen years ago, the Green Bay Packers were celebrating a glorious Super Bowl Championship after a 35-21 win over Bill Parcells’ New England Patriots.

Those Packers were led by quarterback Brett Favre, who was in the middle of being named the league’s MVP three times in a row (one tied with Barry Sanders).

In just his 3rd year starting, Aaron Rodgers has now matched Favre and his 20 years, and Peyton Manning and his 14 years with 1 Super Bowl Ring. Like Manning, Rodgers was the Super Bowl MVP in his title.

Those Super Bowl winning Packers also were led by the NFL’s #1-ranked defense, anchored by Hall of Famer Reggie White on the front line, and Packer Hall of Famer LeRoy Butler on the back line.

They also had the league’s best return specialist in Super Bowl MVP Desmond Howard. Favre was okay in his Super Bowl win, going 14/27, just over 50%, but his two touchdowns and zero interceptions were enough.

The following year, when the team made it back to the Super Bowl, against Denver, the Packers were a 13-point favorite to win that game and repeat. However, the defense was atrocious against the Broncos rushing attack, and Favre made mistakes, including throwing a key interception. Without that one mistake, the Packers probably would have won the game and repeated.

Now fast forward to 2011. Aaron Rodgers just had a playoff run as good as any ever seen in the NFL. He also played a near-flawless game in the Super Bowl, carrying the whole offense while throwing three touchdowns and over 300 yards passing.

Coincidentally, he also is 27 years old as Favre was when he won his first Super Bowl.

But here’s what makes Rodgers better than Favre: he’s smarter and less risky with his play. With a good supporting cast and good defense, as both that team had and this team has, it doesn’t take high-risk, forced passes to win games. It takes good, solid play, with few mistakes.

Think more Tom Brady than Brett Favre. Think more Joe Montana than Brett Favre. Favre may have racked up more stats of all categories, but he only was part of the one Super Bowl title, and all Packer fans still have the emotional scars of why that is the case.

See playoff games in: Philadelphia (horrible overtime interception); St Louis (record 6 Ints, including two or three returned for touchdowns); vs Atlanta (Michael Vick) and vs Minnesota (Daunte Culpepper), with those two home losses being the first playoff losses ever at home. Then remember his final pass as a Packer in the NFL title game at home versus the NY Giants. What people often forget is that interceptions are often fatal.

Ask Ben Roethlisberger and Steeler Nation.

Now, Aaron Rodgers isn’t perfect and he also will throw the occasional interception, as we witnessed in the NFC title game in Chicago when he threw one right to Bears LB Brian Urlacher (admit it, you thought that was Favre for a minute).

But Rodgers, at this point in his career, his a lot surer with the football and as the stats show, he doesn’t force as many passes as Favre did. Or as Favre still does. Remember, Favre’s risks drove then-coach Mike Holmgren crazy, and this past season, he helped drive then-coach Brad Childress to the unemployment line.

For now going forward, the Packers have a better chance of becoming like the early 2000 Patriots, who won three Super Bowls in a four-year span, than they do of being the one-and-done title winning Packers of the mid 1990’s.

From ESPN, 52 games, including a few playoff seasons for each guy. Edge: Rodgers

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