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Packers Should Move Lambeau to Miami

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By Brian E Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

~Packer Nation; pack your bags and head South in mid-January for two weeks. Let’s move Lambeau Field to Miami.

Whether you live in Wisconson, New York, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, or Oregon, what Packer fan is going to argue against spending a week in South Florida in mid-January?

This Aaron Rodgers-led Packers locomotive is not a ground-led juggernaut. It’s a precision passing game, with four and five receiver sets based on precision, timing, matchups. January Green Bay weather is not conducive for the passing game as much as 75 and sunny is.

The average high temperature in Miami in January is 75.6 degrees. The average high in Green Bay in January is 24 degrees, and we all remember the January, 2008 playoff game against the Giants in Green Bay where the actual temperature got down to -6 with the wind chills close to -30.

Although that was the old quarterback being iced up for the Packers, that cold weather clearly had an impact on the whole Packers offense.

Homefield playoff advantage? The last time the Packers enjoyed the benefits of the home-field advantage in the playoffs in cold weather, the season ended on this play. Don't forget, the Packers also lost at home in the playoffs to more physical teams from Atlanta and even Minnesota earlier in the decade.

I know, I know, the Packers could meet up with a similar passing team, the New Orleans Saints with Drew Brees, and the nice warm weather would help him too.

But the Saints also boost a better running game with the 3-headed monsters of Heisman winner Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas, and the little lightning bug Darren Sproles. Thomas, you’ll remember, helped them win a Super Bowl two seasons ago. This is a team who can run the ball, and they’d clearly have an edge in the ground game department over the Packers.

But as great as Drew Brees is, and as suspect as the Packers defense has been, you’d still like to have a game decided by the quarterbacks, since the Packers have the best in the sport in Rodgers. Why not provide him, and Jordy, Jennings, Driver, Jones, Jermichael, and Cobb the optimal climate and conditions to succeed and get to Super Bowl XLVI?

“We’re a pass-first team,” Rodgers said. “I don’t think that’s going to change, but you have to run the football in the winter months here.

That game will be in a dome, where you’d have to like Rodgers chances against anyone, from the Steelers again, to the Patriots, Ravens, Texans, or Tebows even.

What about losing the Lambeau home-field advantage, you say?
Anyone who’s gone to a Packer game in Miami, Tampa, Arizona, or San Diego knows that Cheeseheads travel as well as anyone and regularly get 20,000, 30,000, even 40,000 Packer fans into the opposing team’s seats.
In this occasion, all the home fans would still be Packer nation as we’d control the tickets.

Who'd be surprised to see 70,000 Packer fans in Miami?

Dolphin Stadium, currently known as Sun Life Stadium, has a seating capacity of close to 80,000, and has hosted five Super Bowls, including 2007 and 2010. I suspect we’d be able to fill 60-70,000 Packer fans in each game in Miami.

The Packers could have the name temporarily changed to Lambeau Field South Beach.

And one final benefit of this path to perfection for the Packers: Going through Miami, home of the only other undefeated Super Bowl champions, the 1972 Dolphins, would be extra sweet.

We’d get the remaining members of those ’72 Dolphins, from Don Shula on down, to  have a front row seat of the Packers chase at bettering their record as they chase the history books.

So who’s with me here? The Packers playoff games will probably be on Sunday, January 15th and January 22nd.

So Packer Nation, Let’s Occupy South Beach for eight or nine days: How about an eight-nine day vacation to Miami in mid-January? Who’s going to argue against that?

Sunset in Miami, for Packers Opponents

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