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What scouts told McGinn about Nick Perry

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Remember, scouts are often wrong, more often than not. And scouts don’t all think alike. Some thought Tom Brady wasn’t worthy of being drafted. The Patriots scout thought he was worthy of the 199th pick in his draft.
Most scouts didn’t think Arian Foster, Kurt Warner, or James Harrison were worthy of being drafted. Most scouts told us Jamarcus Russell, Curtis Enis, Jamal Reynolds, and Charles¬†Rogers were going to be franchise cornerstones.¬†

~From Bob McGinn, Journal-Sentinel


What NFL scouts told Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel about outside linebacker Nick Perry, the Green Bay Packers’ first-round selection:

That's holding, ref!

AFC scout: “He’s got great potential. He could play anything he wants. He played during the year at 250 some and at the combine, I thought he was nuts, he was 271. He still ran in the 4.5s. He’s explosive.”

AFC scout: “Very steady. Complete player. Can handle the run well. He’s a very good pass rusher. Not like the (Dwight) Freeney type. Solid. He needs to be respected. He’s not as explosive as Clay Matthews. He’d probably be a little stronger against the run as an end.”

AFC scout: “He’s the kid from Ohio State (Vernon Gholston). Buyer beware there. He’s a good athlete that, let’s just say, is a little soft.”

NFC scout: “His motor is OK. Hot and cold a little bit. He’s a talented guy. He will go high.”

Rick Reiprish, New Orleans: “I think he’s a 4-3 guy. That suits him better.”

NFC scout: “Workout guy who doesn’t play good.”

AFC scout: "He can stand up. I'm not sure about anything, but he's got a better chance than (Courtney) Upshaw

NFC scout: “He’s a little bit like (Andre) Branch. He’s scheme versatile. He’s got some pop in his body, that explosiveness that you look for. Yet, you didn’t see him rush all the time at SC. He’s got a lot of potential as a rusher. He’s got the size, speed and athleticism to play outside backer. If you’re betting on the up side with any of these players, this would be the guy to do it with. From what I know, he’s an OK kid. No huge red flags.”

AFC scout: “I think he will be standing up in a 3-4. He’s an NFL talent because of what’s going on these days. You’ve got those hybrid type guys. He’s a good player. He’s not as sudden and quick as some of the top-level guys, but he’s that next tier down.”

AFC scout: “He’s an excellent workout guy. He’s probably a second-round pick, without a doubt.”

AFC scout: “It’s close, but he can do the 3-4. I don’t like him, but I’m in the minority.”

NFC scout: “He’s talented, but you can’t depend on him. I think Perry could do whatever he wanted to do but he doesn’t do it on a consistent basis. He’s talented enough to stand up, sure.”

NFC scout: “I think the 4-3 is his best fit. He might have a little better chance to reduce down and be an outside backer in a 3-4.”

AFC scout: “Good player. He wore out Stanford’s junior left tackle (Jonathan Martin). He played both down and up. Basically down. He and Clay Matthews didn’t play the same way. Matthews played off the line. This guys plays down on the line. He’s tall and linear built. Yeah, he can rush the passer. First round. I like him.”

AFC scout: “He can stand up. I’m not sure about anything, but he’s got a better chance than (Courtney) Upshaw.”

NFC scout: “He can play up, but he’s growing himself into a 4-3 guy. He’s 258 when I saw him play UCLA. He’s not very smart but a hell of a kid and he’s strong as hell. If he had stayed another year he’d probably have been a late first-round pick next year. He is probably first round this year for a 4-3 team.”

NFC scout: “Totally different cat than Clay Matthews. He’s an undersized D-end. He’s not as powerful as Trent Cole. He tries to finesse his way around guys. He’s an average pass rusher. Second round.”

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