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Daniel Muir surprisingly waived

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By Brian Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

~Once in awhile, some things happen in preseason games that shake things up on a roster for the regular season.

But more times than not, the coaches have their minds made up well before preseason games three and four. Such was the case when RB Tyrell Sutton produced like Darren Sproles for the Packers a few years ago in the preseason. His few critics dismissed his production as laughable because he was doing it against team’s non-starters.

Daniel Muir has been the Packers most effective defensive linemen in all of camp. He’s also been durable, and a good guy in the locker room.

Based on production and availability, it seemd Muir was a lock to make the 53-man roster.

Yet somehow his name was on the list of cuts yesterday.

Just like it was in 2007 when the Packers let him go after signing him as an undrafted free agent. Of course, after that he went on to have a nice year career in Indianapolis, including starting in a Super Bowl for the Colts.

Just a week ago, Coach McCarthy said this about Muir: “One of the things you always appreciate about Daniel is his energy level, what he brings to the table every single day.”

Muir had been focusing on having fun out there, and it was evident by all those who focused in on the big #77.

“That’s one thing I think I took away from myself and allowed other people to take away from me for years, was just having fun,” said Muir. “I used to really come out and put so much strain on myself, be so nervous, make sure I’m doing stuff right. I said, ‘not this time.'”

BJ Raji had been impressed.  “He’s done a great job adapting to a new scheme, coming from Indianapolis, where they do different things up front, I think he’s been able to grasp the defense quick and use his ability to make plays out there,” said Raji

The Packers appear to have given that final DL job to former second round pick Philip Merling. He’s considered more talented, which is why he was a high draft pick.
But we’ve seen little of him compared to Muir in terms of production.

I’m very surprised at this decision, but as always, hope and expect the team’s decision to have been correct.

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