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Packers WR Greg Jennings is pain-free but return uncertain

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By Jason Wilde, ESPN Wisconsin

~Greg Jennings has an itch, but he won’t be able to scratch it for a while yet.

Although the Green Bay Packers Pro Bowl wide receiver is pain-free, he isn’t ready for game action – and isn’t saying when he’s targeted for his return.

Speaking in the locker room Monday after the players returned to practice following the bye, Jennings said he isn’t allowed to run yet – although he says he tried anyway – and that he’s been told he’ll be able to run full speed once he’s three weeks removed from surgery.

Greg Jennings should be able to return at full strength sometime in December, but he also has his focus on the future, and his next contract. His current contract is up after this season.

Jennings underwent a procedure to repair what used to be termed a sports hernia – his doctor, William Meyers, is the leading authority in the field and has coined the phrase “Core Muscle Injury” instead – after damaging a lower abdominal muscle against San Francisco in the Sept. 9 regular-season opener. Jennings has missed the last five games and acknowledged he won’t play Sunday at Detroit

Three weeks removed from the surgery would be Nov. 22. The Packers play at the New York Giants on Nov. 25 and at home against the Minnesota Vikings on Dec. 2.

“I have a target in my own mind. I do. It’s in my mind; I’m going to keep it right there,” Jennings said. “What Dr. Meyers told me was, three weeks and I’ll be able to run full-speed. I’ll be able to open up, run full-speed. He didn’t say I’d be pain-free in doing so, but I’m pain free, so …

“I’ve developed an itch. It’s like a little kid you let taste a piece of candy. Now you try to feed him vegetables again, it’s not really going to happen. They’ve experienced the candy, they want candy. I’ve experienced working out, now it’s like, ‘Just let me go.’”

Jennings said missing a game at Detroit isn’t any more disappointing than missing any other – although for his career he’s caught 41 passes for 702 yards and five touchdowns in 10 games against the team he grew up following in Kalamazoo, Mich. In 2008, Jennings had a career-best 167 receiving yards at Detroit in Week 2.

“I’ve been doing this all year. It is what it is. Missing a game is missing a game, whether it’s going back home or here (at Lambeau Field),” said Jennings, who is set to become an unrestricted free agent this spring. “It’s always tough to stand on the sideline and watch. But I’m here to support my teammates. They’ve been doing a great job and hopefully we can keep it rolling.

“(By having surgery), I was thinking long-term. This potentially could be the end after the surgery. Everyone knew that going in. With the guy we went with, he assured us – he didn’t really assure us that we could get back on the field, but his track record of putting guys back on the field of play was rather impressive. With that being said, we went that route and we have a shot.

“Everyone’s been great – (the team) not putting me on IR, giving me an opportunity to come back. My goal is to get back out there and perform. Our goal, I should say, is to get me back out there.”

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