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Who are the Packers most valuable 10 right now?

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By Brian E Murphy, PackersInsider.com senior editor

~(Big difference between valuable and best.)
Before, we always would have Woodson at #3 or close.
Now? Not sure.
I still think against great teams, we need him. He’s physical tackling RB’s, and he forces turnovers.

I’ll start with my list, and this is as of right now, present time:

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Clay Matthews
  3. A.J. Hawk
  4. Marshall Newhouse
  5. Tramon Williams
  6. Morgan Burnett
  7. Josh Sitton
  8. Jermichael Finley
  9. Randall Cobb
  10. Ryan Pickett

Now, the reason I have Newhouse so high is because with Bulaga and Sherrod done, he’s so important, really is indispensable,¬† and I hope we don’t see evidence of this being right. If he goes out, Jared Allen will be running right past T.J. Lang to Rodgers.

A.J. Hawk is so important to us in the middle. Missing Bishop & D.J. Smith already, Hawk is reliable and accountable.

A.J. Hawk has been taken for granted by most Packer fans. The coaches and his teammates, however, do not take his work for granted.

No he’s not great, but he’s very good, and very important to us considering Brad Jones is the other starter at ILB and he’s not really an ILB.

Tramon is very important as he covers the best and big WR’s.
Burnett is very important back there with the other 2 safeties being so young & inexperienced… if we lost Burnett right now, I think there’d be leaks back there like an old roof.

Josh Sitton is playing pretty well. He’s a very good right guard.
And if he got hurt, the Packers would go from strength to weakness there and it would have ramifications to the running and passing  game.

Finley & the WR’s are tricky.

The Packers are so deep at WR it’s hard to say any one of them is that valuable by themself.
I mean their Super Bowl run just two years ago, the starring two were Jennings & Jordy.
Most of this year, the top two have been Cobb & Jones.

Cobb squeeks onto my list because of his unbelievable versatility. He’s capable of taking the ball to the end zone at any time.

Finley has not done that great, but he’s had some big catches on third downs to keep drives alive, and he does command a lot of attention on defense. I feel the drop-off from him to the next best TE would be significant, at least in the way teams defend the offense. It would run off on the other WR’s and the running game.

I know it’s a passing game now, but Ryan Pickett inside against the run is a great run-stuffer & block-eater.
That guy gets less credit & recognition than anyone else on the team period.

Ryan Pickett, in my opinion, is the Packers most unappreciated, unheralded player on the team.

On 4th & less than a yard, or 3rd & less than a yard, he’s critical. I love Big Grease.

Rodgers is obvious, but Matthews better be obvious too.
Without him, they are terrible at getting to the QB and that means the pass defense suffers. More big plays allowed. More medium plays allowed.

By the way, I would have had Desmond Bishop at about #8 or 9 I think.

And I would have had Woodson at #3. But they are already out and haven’t played in a long time.
But the other young DB’s, at least with Matthews and a healthy Michael Neal up front, have played great.

I thought Jennings was a top-10 valuable player.
And I though Jordy Nelson was too. Then there’s the NFL leader in receiving touchdowns, James Jones.

That’s how great the Packers WR corps is.
Imagine if all four of those guys are healthy when they have their first playoff game in 16-17 days. Throw in Finley and a running back out of the backfield like the little spark plug DuJuan Harris? With a decent-to-good job by the offensive-line, that’s a nightmare scenario for any defense in the NFC, including the San Francisco 49ers.

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