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For Jennings, it was always about the money and nothing more

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Greg Jennings chases Vikings’ cash, and his career will suffer for it

By Mike Freeman, CBS Sports

~Greg Jennings chased the money. Don’t blame him. In any way. He has every right, and many people — from NFL players to the mailman to the supermarket worker to the corporate exec — would also chase the cash. It’s the American way.

So get your money, Greg. Straight cash, homey.

That does not mean Jennings will have success with the Vikings. In fact, it’s all but certain that Jennings’ career will die a slow death. There may be a high moment or two but there likely won’t be a Super Bowl. Jennings went from Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder. I like Ponder more than most (OK, I’m the only one who likes him) but even as a Ponder backer, he’s not in the same galaxy as Aaron Rodgers.

And Matt Cassel is even worse. 

So Jennings made the classic decision. He got his money but his career is all down hill from here.

The Packers will continue to fight for Super Bowls and Jennings will disappear like he’s wearing a cloaking device.

When news broke, I contacted a Packers player for reaction, and he texted: “I don’t blame Greg at all. I just think he made a mistake. He went from prime rib to Burger King.”

That sounds harsh and arrogant, but it’s accurate. Jennings is outstanding, but we’ve seen what happens when a good receiver has a mediocre pass thrower. Larry Fitzgerald is all-world but when he comes out of his breaks on a pass route, the ball might hit him in the hands, or it might land in the dirt, or it might go into the stands.

So a great weapon like Fitzgerald is partially mitigated because his quarterback is putrid. This is what will happen with Jennings. 

Not to mention that Adrian Peterson gets 7.8 million carries a season. So Jennings will do a lot of blocking and a lot of Peterson-watching.

Jennings will also have to learn how to chase.

You know. Chase the defensive back down that picks off Ponder.

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