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Packers’ rookie Micah Hyde knows he’ll be sought out by 49ers

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By Lori Nickel, Journal-Sentinel

~GREEN BAY — Cornerback Micah Hyde was tested his sophomore year at Iowa. The Hawkeyes already had a pretty good defense and he was the new starter. It didn’t take long for opposing teams to figure they had their weak spot to attack.

“A lot of teams came at me,” said Hyde. “It seemed like every time they came after me and after me, I made a big play. A pick, or something like that, and it sparked the whole defense.”

Indeed, Hyde had his career highs in tackles (82) and interceptions (four) that year while adding seven passes defensed, best on the team.

With the declaration Wednesday that cornerback Casey Hayward will miss the season opener at San Francisco with a injured hamstring, the Green Bay Packers turn to the next man up:

The rookie from Iowa.

Rookie from Iowa

The 6-0, 197-pound 22-year old cornerbacks’ role just increased behind starters Tramon Williams and Sam Shields.

“I’m a rookie who has never stepped on the field,” said Hyde. “I’m a nobody right now.”

Hyde said he will keep the week normal, which for him already includes extra and individual study time on the opponent.

“To be honest, you’re going to have little jitters, just excitement, to get on the field,” said Hyde. “I don’t see myself getting nervous just for the fact that I’ll prepare myself to play. That’s how I’ve always been in the past, I haven’t been a nervous guy. If you get out there nervous as a corner, for me, I just play a lot tighter and that’s not good as a corner.”

The question is how much San Francisco and quarterback Colin Kaepernick will go after Hyde. It might not be a question with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but with Kaepernick’s running ability, it’s hard to say. Either way, Hyde is preparing.

While most of the other Packer CB's are thin, frail, finesse, guys, Hyde is much more physical. That could come in handy against the physical 49ers and Redskins OL's in weeks one and two. They are both great running teams.

“If that’s the case, that’s the case. Then I have to go out there and make some plays,” said Hyde. “If not, I’ve got to kind of prepare like they’re going to do something.”

Added Shields: “Micah is going to be thrown in that fire, but as you saw in the preseason, he made some plays. We keep telling Micah, keep doing what you’re doing. You’re going to make mistakes but you have to just go to the next play.”

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