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Seneca Wallace can’t be Rodgers, but he will have to make some plays with his arm

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By Jude Wilbers, Fox11

~GREEN BAY – With one play, Seneca Wallace was cast in a starring role for a team he wasn’t even a part of until after training camp had ended. For Wallace that’s just part of life as a backup quarterback in the NFL.

“You know always you’re thrust into situations especially as a backup that might not be ideal and you’ve just got to go in there and battle your butt off,” Wallace said.

Mike McCarthy admitted that expecting any backup to execute the same game plan as Aaron Rodgers isn’t fair. That’s why this week it will be important to put in a scheme that fits his current quarterback’s skills.

“In a football game, it’s important to stay in tune with his skill set but also utilize the other players conceptually,” McCarthy said. “We’re not going to reinvent the wheel here.”

Don Barclay expects things to remain status quo as well.

“Nothing’s going to change from our playbook from our play calling. We’re just going to keep it simple, run the football, pass the ball, and move on.”

Seneca Wallace doesn't have to replace Rodgers complete production, but he will have to do a lot more than just hand the ball off to Eddie Lacy and James Starks.

Seneca Wallace may have seemed a little rusty when he came in Monday night against the Chicago Bears, one reason for Packers fans to be optimistic. He does have experience starting in the past. He’s played 64 NFL games starting 21 of them. Even if he doesn’t have a great record in those starts, his teammates have confidence in him.

“We have a ton of confidence in Seneca,” A.J. Hawk said. “We love that guy with an entire week of working under center and having all the reps. I think he’s going to do great.”

The chance to get practice reps with the guys he’ll be expected to lead to the end zone Sunday should make a big difference according to Wallace.

“When you’re able to get snaps with the ones and able to see things clearly it helps you out big time I mean figuring out the timing with the receivers and things like that and just from a comfortable level it helps out,” Wallace said.

Jordy Nelson added, “Practice is always going to help. I mean he’s going to go from taking maybe 5 plays a week in practice to all of them. It’s going to help him. It’s going to help us as an offense perform better.”

With a week running with the first team and one-on-one time with Aaron Rodgers the Packers expect Wallace to be able to lead them to victory.

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