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Time for a new “strength & conditioning” program

November 10, 2013 by  
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By Brian E Murphy, PackersInsider senior editor

~Broken legs and torn ACL’s are one thing.

Strained, pulled hamstrings and groins are another.

Mark Lovat took over the Packers strength and conditioning program prior to the 2010 season, of course a Super Bowl season. But what fans also remember is the Packers had close to two dozen players on IR by the time the playoffs began.

There have been many missed games since then due to hamstrings. Clay Matthews and Jordy Nelson aren’t the only ones, but each has missed multiple games over this and last season due to nagging hamstrings. So has John Kuhn.

Casey Hayward has almost had a total lost season this year because of pulled hamstring issues. Today, it appeared he re-aggravated it yet again.

Casey Hayward is tended to by team physician Pat McKenzie after Hayward once again tweaked his hamstring.

But seeing Seneca Wallace take himself out of the game at the end of the Packers first drive today, on a play where he was not even tackled, that is a signature moment for this program.

Look, none of us know how severely Wallace’s groin was “injured”.

All we know is nobody had any idea he had even hurt anything until the next time the offense came out and it was #16 Scott Tolzien running out onto the field.

Wallace appeared fine, as he wasn’t in any apparent severe agony or pain.

Seneca Wallace is only able to peddle the bike after he injured himself on the Packers first drive. No word on how is arm was affected.

Of course, perhaps Packer fans had been spoiled with the health of their quarterbacks over the past two decades.

As many are aware of, the Packers only had to start three different quarterbacks from Favre’s first start in 1992 until this week when Wallace had to start in place of the injured Aaron Rodgers.

The third starter, of course, in that 21-year period was Matt Flynn, who lodged two starts in the Super Bowl season of 2010. He obviously fared well as he parlayed those two starts into a big payday from Seattle last year.

The bottom line here is that there have been far too many muscle and conditioning problems plaguing this team since Mark Lovat took over before that painful 2010 season.

There were calls to replace him before this season, and certainly before this game. But seeing the quarterback pull his groin on a pass where he wasn’t even hit, that’s the final sign that I had to see.

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