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Packer Prospects: WR Jeff Janis

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By Brian E Murphy, PackersInsider senior editor

~If there’s one position that GM Theodore Thompson seems to draft well, it has to be the wide receiver position. And he does it differently than other GM’s.

While others flock for the big school, big name receivers like LSU, USC, Ohio State, the Charles Johnsons, the Chad Jacksons, etc. Thompson assembled the NFL’s best corps from schools like Western Michigan, San Jose State, Kansas State, Kentucky, Alcorn State (not his draft pick though), Virginia Tech.

Saginaw Valley would fit right in there.

Jeff Janis has legit speed. But opposing cornerbacks also are often caught off guard by that speed, as he runs past them. With Jordy and Boykin on the other side, Randall Cobb in the slot, and Eddie Lacy in the backfield, you think Aaron Rodgers could take advantage of Janis being isolated on a slower and smaller cornerback?

Jeff Janis rewrote the record books at that small school.

ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI

At 6′ 3″, 219, he’s very similar to the Packers own Jordy Nelson. Both guys have very good speed, but it’s “deceptive” -for some reason. The elephant in the room is that each player is white, which apparently means they aren’t supposed to be able to run by all the non-white cornerbacks in the NFL.

Jordy and some of his teammates have touched on that “taboo” subject in the past few seasons, as Jordy climbed from role player into Pro Bowl performer by running past DB’s and scoring long touchdowns. They’ve felt that Nelson was able to use that “surprising speed” to his advantage as he was able to get past the corners and behind the safeties.

Now that Jordy has done that so many times, he’s earned the respect of the coverage, which has helped open up the shorter routes.

Janis is very similar. As his production in college, and his combine numbers show, he has the speed, agility, and size to get past and above NFL defensive backs.

A is Janis, while B is Jordy Nelson. Not clones, but Janis’ numbers are actually a bit better than Nelson’s. Don’t think Ted Thompson hasn’t noticed this.

Nelson is entering the final year of his contract, as is Randall Cobb.
Thompson and company have every intention of keeping both guys.

But keep or lose Nelson, adding Janis would be a good move for the Packers, and one I would not be surprised to see happen in two weeks on Draft Weekend.

Janis is projected to go anywhere between the third & sixth round. NFL Draft Scout/CBS Sports pegs him as a round 5/6 guy.
I expect someone like Thompson take him in the third round, either with his #21 pick or his comp pick that he got for the Vikings overpaying for Greg Jennings last year.

Janis scored 45 touchdowns his final three seasons for the Cardinals. He did that in 34 games.

From CBSsports:
STRENGTHS: Looks the part with a tall, muscular body type. Has worked hard to fill out his frame. Fleet of foot with very good build up speed to accelerate away from defenders. Controlled routes and shifts his momentum well with smooth footwork in/out of his breaks. Good hesitation to sell patterns. Good tracking skills and judgment on deep throws. Solid functional strength for the position, making it a chore for tacklers to finish him off. Strong competitor with an intrepid, fearless approach to the game. Very tough and holds onto the ball after jarring hits. Ambitious worker with strong intangibles and excellent character on and off the field.

Try-hard player who gets the most out of his ability. Productive resume (37 career starts) with back-to-back 1,500+ receiving yard seasons the past two years. Holds the school record for single-season receiving yards (1,635), single-game receiving yards (300) and single-game catches (18).

If those traits don’t remind you have a Ted Thompson pick, then you haven’t been paying attention for the past decade.

The only problem for the Packers here is Janis has caught the eyes of more GM’s than Thompson, and they will have to pull the trigger on him earlier than those draft “experts” are saying. That’s good for Janis.

And he can, perhaps, thank fellow elephants Jordy Nelson, Eric Decker, even Wes Welker for him getting more advanced credit.

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