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Packers Draft 2014: Top 100 Consensus

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By Brian E Murphy, PackersInsider senior editor

~With the Packers set to begin their draft next Thursday owning four picks in the top 100, here is the top 100 based on the average ratings of these so-called drafted experts.

The slots the Packers own are bolded.
Under Ted Thompson, they typically end up with a guy lower-rated than the slot they pick in.

Rodgers, Lacy, Matthews, Bulaga were exceptions.
Matthews, Harrell, Neal, Jones, Perry, Datone Jones, Jerron McMillian are more typical.

And the end result can be anything, so it’s not good or bad, necessarily, if Thompson picks a guy rated higher or lower than the draft slot.

But I find it interesting that if Teddy used the first three picks on those guys rated spots, it would be a nice start to the draft as far as filling needs. Who knows, maybe the BPA method might match the team needs.

Shazier is rated #21 overall per the batch of experts. Interestingly, he happens to be the most common player who is being mocked to the Packers there.



Robinson would be another nice pick, nice fit, for the Packers. Doesn’t fill the hole at safety, and the guy right above him on the ratings might be the perfect guy there, but he is a nice addition and replacement for the departed James Jones.

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