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Packers coordinators on even keel despite loss in Seattle

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By Paul Imig Fox Sports Wisconsin

September 9th, 2014

GREEN BAY, Wis. — After spending the weekend reviewing the film of the Week 1 game in Seattle, the Green Bay Packers’ coordinators reflected on what went wrong in the 36-16 loss to the Seahawks.

Here are three question-and-answer highlights from each coordinator:


1A. With your new 4-3 defense, how did it look in its debut?
CAPERS: “We played a lot more of it in the first half. I think we played it quite a few snaps in the first half. One of the reasons that we didn’t play much in the second half was because of the substitution issues that we had in the first half. I just didn’t want to take a chance after that happened (having 10 men on the field for Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown run). I didn’t want that happening again. We went to more five defensive back stuff in the second half. So, we felt we could match that against whatever personnel group they put out there and we wouldn’t have to sub and match. The first half we were going from our 3-4 to our 4-3 and matching ’em. We got some plays; we got some plays out of it. But we weren’t as consistent as we need to be.”

1B. Do you plan to continue using the 4-3 defense this season?
CAPERS: “I think so. One of the reasons is you get different combinations of people on the field, and I think it fits some of our personnel when all of a sudden you’ve got Julius Peppers, you’ve got Mike Neal, Clay Matthews out there. It gives us ability to move Clay around a little bit more. There might be games where you might not see a lot of it. There could be games where you could see a lot of it. We played quite a bit of it in the first half. That became one of the issues trying to match our personnel because they weren’t easy to match up against and it made us late two or three times. You don’t ever want that to be the case in a game. I’d rather put them in one personnel group and let them play so they can play fast. They don’t have to worry about a call coming in late. That’s uneasing to them.”

2. Do you have to at least consider making a change at inside linebacker after Brad Jones’ performance in Seattle?
CAPERS: “Well, the first thing you do, you come in and critique the game, and then I always critique myself in terms of calls and like what happened in the first half. You don’t ever want to do that, put your guys to where, and when you’ve got more personnel groups and you’re trying to match those, then you’ve got to be aware of that. But I thought this: If you look at our personnel, and one of the reasons we’re using more personnel groups is to try to have more variations and look at different people. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll come back and look at it, and as we get ready each week as we gameplan, we go through and look at personnel and how can we get our best people on the field and pick up and move forward. Because I told the guys in the meeting today, that’s what this game is all about. Everybody’s disappointed with the opener, but the thing is, there was a lot of stuff there in that opener that if we’d have taken advantage . . . it could have been a totally different game. But, we didn’t, and so that opportunity’s over, we can’t do anything about it. But we have to make sure we do everything we can to get it right where we go out and play much better this week.”

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3. How did Ha Ha Clinton-Dix perform in his NFL debut?
CAPERS: “You saw him make a really nice play coming out of the hole area on the scramble. He closed and you saw his speed, his ability to close and do that. He’s going to bring a physical presence, I think, in terms of the tackling. There were a few plays I’m sure that he would like to have back, but that’s part of being a rookie and you work your way through those. But I think it’s a good start. I’m certainly glad we’ve got him.”


1. Did Davon House do what he’s supposed to do by getting Richard Sherman to push him back into returner Earl Thomas?
SLOCUM: “I thought it was a real smart play on his part when he went into Richard Sherman and that collision ended up getting in the way of the returner catching the ball.”
2. Why did you remove DuJuan Harris from kick return after his second attempt?
SLOCUM: “Because I thought we made a poor decision on the one prior to the change. Just wanted to make sure we were composed back there and Micah Hyde did that.”

3. Why did the team choose to use Randall Cobb on punt return again this season?
SLOCUM: “Well, it’s just, really, it’s more about we’re going to use our best guys and go into the game and try to max out our roster and put the guys that we feel like can impact the game in every spot that we can.”


1. Why did Aaron Rodgers avoid throwing in Richard Sherman’s direction?
CLEMENTS: “Well, with each play that we have, we have a progression. You can go after a set a certain way. I think it just played out that way. It wasn’t by design not to throw at him. It’s just the way the game went.”

2. How can Derek Sherrod bounce back after his performance in Seattle?
CLEMENTS: “Well, he just has to utilize his strengths. One time, he got caught. He thought they were going to be in a stunt and they weren’t so he was kind of late getting to the outside. Other times, everyone didn’t execute what we had called. But bottom line, if you play offensive tackle in the NFL, you’re going to have to win your one-on-one matchup. Derek will see the film and we anticipate he’ll do well.”

3. Were you surprised at all that Corey Linsley made such a smooth transition to being the starting center?
CLEMENTS: “No. He’s played in a lot of big games, played in front of a lot of people in college. Going against the defending champions, I’m sure he had some nerves going into the game, but he did what he had to do. The guards on each side of him helped him out and he helped them out when he could, so it was a good debut all the way around for him.”

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