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Packers will miss Hawk (but perhaps he’s not done just yet…)

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From Andrew Brandt, MMQB for Sports Illustrated

~Question: You have spoken highly of A.J. Hawk, who was released last week. Can you share more?

Picked #5 overall in 2006, AJ Hawk was the highest pick that Ted Thompson has had as Packers            -Jim Bievers photo

As a front office executive, one tries to be neutral and detached, but we all have favorite players. A.J. was one of mine, and many others’. He endeared himself to everyone with the team and was a particular favorite of the backroom guys: trainers, equipment staff, strength and conditioning staff, security, etc. And he took it upon himself to pursue outside interests; even starting a podcast this year, with guests (including me) from all walks of life.

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I remember the day A.J, was drafted, fifth overall, in 2006. He flew in immediately for the press conference and, in the time between meeting the media and catching his flight back to Columbus, toured a few homes with a realtor and bought one (a few doors down from me). I also remember the morning he signed his rookie contract, arriving at my office at 7 a.m. drenched in sweat: he had to get a workout in before he signed. His work ethic has always been top-notch.

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A.J. had a nine-year run in Green Bay, and people in the organization will miss him far more than outsiders know. Whether he continues to play or not, he is someone I know who will always be successful in whatever he chooses.

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