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McCarthy: Eddie Lacy has been rejuvenated

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Green Bay — The following is a summary of coach Mike McCarthy’s pre-practice press conference on Tuesday:

(On health of the team) So far, so good. They looked good. Weight room work was good. … We had a chance to review the Lions tape, and now we’re moving on to the Dallas install.

(On watching tape from Lions game) I think we did some things better. There’s still some things we can obviously improve on. There were a few plays in the first half that were really the difference between 17-0. … It’s important to always watch the tape of yourselves. That’s why we took the first part of today to focus on the Lions game.

(On the offensive line’s health) Offensive lines that play together each week, I think you just want to do an injury report (and have them on there). If you look at starts, that equates to really good football. It’s important. We all understand it starts up front. … As many games as those guys can play together, it helps your success.

(On Eddie Lacy missing curfew) I think Eddie has been rejuvenated.

His work was good today. I look for him to have a very good week of practice and look for him to be productive Sunday. … We’re really focused on today and beating the Cowboys. That’s what I want everybody to think about, talk about and that’s what we’re looking forward to.

(On offensive line talent) It’s the best offensive line that I’ve had in my time here. We’re going into our 13th game. We understand the stretch we’ve been through. It’s in the past. We’ve also shown that eight or nine guys can play.

(On Ty Montgomery) The report this morning was that Ty is feeling better. He’s going to try and work today. We’ll see. He’s going to do as much as he can.

(On Dallas Cowboys) They blitzed more than they have. The tendency was up last night. It’s a very good defense. Spending the weekend going through the numbers and the video, it’s going to be a very big challenge for our offense.

(On regaining success at home) We need to win. We do that by playing better. We haven’t played our best football the last two times we’ve played in front of our crowd. … At the end of the day it’s about football. It’s about what you do between the lines.

(On Eddie Lacy’s status going forward) Everything Eddie wants to accomplish is right there in front of him. That’s what we’re focusing on today.

(On John Crockett) It’s right in front of him. He got a good opportunity up in Detroit. … He brings a lot of excitement. I’m really happy for John and the opportunity he’s been given.

(On Aaron Rodgers’ health) He looks good. My understanding is he worked out a couple of times over the weekend. I feel good about where he is.

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