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Packers Mock Draft 1.0

February 6, 2016 by  
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By Brian E Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

~We are going to try and put out two complete Packers mock drafts each month, and one strict set of rules we have to follow is that we cannot use the same player twice! So each time, we have to completely change all picks.

As much as we think this first one makes sense, we will 100% switch it up next time. By doing this, A) We won’t fall in love with a player whom we want, and whom Ted Thompson won’t pick anyway, and B) it gives us a chance to get a pick right along the way.

Afterall, not many (make that NONE) mocksters had the Packers using a first rounder on Damarious Randall last year, or James Jones in round three in 2007, among many other surprises.

Also, we will not factor in Free Agency, as our GM is usually too busy evaluating, observing, studying, getting his hands on young men eligible for the draft. We all know by now, despite the rare big exceptions of Charles Woodson and Julius Peppers, that Thompson will not be a big spender in free agency. So consider nobody being added, until proven wrong.

With that being said, here is VERSION 1.0
Click on the prospect to see the CBS Sports Scouting report as well as their expected range to be drafted, to see that we aren’t sand-bagging everyone, giving the Packers guys who are supposed to go a round or two higher, etc.

(Two Comp picks for Tramon Williams and Davon House are noted with the C):


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