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Jakeem Grant; Packers should add this special playmaker in mold of Hester, Sproles, Holliday

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From Brian E Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

This guy would look sensational in a Packers #11 jersey this year.

~I have made the case for months now that the Packers are stacked at wide receiver, and that there’s no room for James Jones, whom I love and adore.

Even without him coming back, the Packers will return:

  1. Jordy Nelson
  2. Randall Cobb
  3. Ty Montgomery
  4. Jeff Janis
  5. Jared Abbrederis
  6. Davante Adams

Now, there are questions among them. First and foremost, how will Jordy be coming off the nightmare ACL tear. Are there any other premiere WR’s who have had ACL tears? Antonio Brown? Dez Bryant? Demaryius Thomas? Julio Jones? A.J. Green? Odell Beckham? Calvin Johnson (retired)?

It’s no surprise that of all these superstar NFL WR’s, it had to be our guy who blew the ACL.

This is not against West Chester Junior college. This is against the #12-rated team in the country.

Who had the fluke neck injury that ended his career in 1994, and not 1999? Sterling Sharpe or Michael Irvin? Of course, it was Sterling.
Who tore an ACL in 1996, Michael Irvin or Robert Brooks? Of course, it was Brooks. All these bad breaks has shaped destiny. And dynasties.

Back to now. Questions remain what Jordy will be like. There are questions about Janis and if the team will actually give him a fair shot, finally.

This is against Texas. Not a great defense, but not an Appalachian State or St Cloud State type of competition.

Montgomery had drops at Stanford, and he had a bad drop last year on a deep ball. He did well as a rookie. But he averaged less than 10 yards a reception. Abbrederis is no burner. Neither is Cobb. The team lacks speed. They lack speed at WR, TE, and RB. There’s no breakaway back. The tight ends can’t run past any linebackers or safeties.

On third downs, can you imagine the mismatches as ILBs and safeties try to cover this little guy in space? What do you think he’d do to Jake Ryan or Nate Palmer?

Lacy is no threat as a receiver. James Starks runs clumsy routes, and he fumbles more than he runs away from people. I love John Crockett. But he’s also not a burner, not a quick electric player.

Does anyone remember Devin Hester? How about Darren Sproles? Does anyone remember Trindon Holliday, all 5′ 7″ of him, taking kicks back for touchdowns for LSU, then Houston and Denver? I sure do.

Enter Jakeem Grant, Texas Tech.


CBS Sports Draft headquarters has Grant rated as their 141st rated wide receiver. They only list the first 42 wide receivers as draftable, and those last guys from 40-42 they list as 7th Rd/UDFA types.

Grant appears 100 receivers later, 141 overall.
He’s their 959th rated player overall. There are less than 300 players drafted.
It appears safe to say that he could be had with a 7th round pick, maybe 6th round to be safe. You never know.

In the open field, he will break some ankles.

Is it because he’s not tough? Nope. He’s strong.
Does he have bad hands? Nope. He has great hands.
Is it because he played at a tiny college in a small conference, like Jeff Janis? Nope. He played in the Big Twelve.
Is it because he doesn’t have good film? Nope. See below.
Is it because he’s a thug, has questionable character? Nope, he’s clean.
Is it because he doesn’t have good production? Negative, ghost rider.

It’s because he’s small. That’s it. Nothing more.

Jakeem Grant #11 of the Texas Tech Red Raiders and his family during Senior Day ceremonies before the game between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Kansas Jayhawks.

But let me ask you this: For ¬†a kick or punt returner, what’s the disadvantage if a guy is smaller, if he has great moves, speed and quickness? None. I think it’s an advantage, not disadvantage. He will break ankles.

Yes, as a receiver running routes, it’s easier to hit a 6′ 3″ receiver than a 5′ 6″ little guy. That’s almost a foot difference for a target.

Yet Darren Sproles has been a very effective little guy, as mostly a return guy but also a receiver out of the backfield, in the slot, and occasionally as a running back.


I don’t think the Packers¬†need a receiver. And I don’t think this electric dynamo would be counted on at all as a receiver, this season.

But if Adams struggles again as badly as he did last season, now in his third year, you have to be done with him.

Questions remain about Nelson, but pray that he’s back at least close to his 2014 form.

I personally love Janis, but have little faith that the QB and head coach love him. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get the shaft again and ignored.

We don’t know what we’re going to see from Abbrederis.

So perhaps next year, we could start to incorporate Jakeem the Dream into the offense a little more.
Or if things go bad, injuries, this year, he could add a spark. The Vikings had a small rookie wide receiver last year who did pretty good.

VIDEO 3, in his words

You will be seeing Grant in my next mock, coming soon. I think he’d look great transferring that #11 jersey from red & black into green & yellow.


Here are some comments from college football fans, on Grant:

Griffin Wood –2 months ago
This guy could be the biggest steal in the draft this year if whatever team he gets drafted by finds a way how to use him.

+Griffin Wood –Agreed. Teams will be concerned about his lack of size, but he’s a very talented player. I’m also a Steelers fan and he looks much tougher than Dri Archer. Archer depended on outrunning defenses in college. Grant can actually make defenders miss.

Griffin Wood -2 months ago
+JustBombsProductions –I don’t blame the Steelers for releasing Archer after realizing how bad the numbers he made were. But after watching tape of Grant, I see a young Darren Sproles. Despite Grant being a much better strider than Darren, they both look and play very Identically too me.

david hughes -1 month ago
+Griffin Wood –Bro.. Im a Steelers fan but I also go to Texas Tech, and the “small” school comment kinda irked me haha. EVERY game is full with 65,000 fans, and the school itself has 30-35,000 students. So TTU is by no means a “small” school haha

Jai Rogers -1 month ago
+JustBombsProductions this is very true. jakeem trucked a db, bounces off of people, has great vision, hunger for the ball, can create on his own in open space, great burst, fast, nice hands, can run between tackles.

Armed Society -3 days ago
Jakeem ran a 4.12 electronic on Texas Tech pro day. That’s faster than the NFL combine record. I’d say that means Jakeem’s speed is there. Also, he has box jumped 6’1″, which is 6 inches taller than himself at 5’7″.

Hector Ayala -1 month ago (edited)
Jakeem was a powerlifter. Don’t be fooled by his size, he is very strong. There are some great plays with him as a blocker, pushing back safeties.

Hi, I give out L’s -2 days ago
Will be Darren Sproles of WR position. Wherever he goes, he’ll be a steal for that team. And he is really strong too. 15 reps of 225 lbs. more than most TE and some LBs in the draft

MIchael C -2 days ago
This guy reminds me of Dante Hall…
He’d look good in a Dolphins Jersey

Vincent Haney -3 hours ago
he cold got them Berry Sanders feet.

FlyingTacoMobile -3 weeks ago
it’s been a pleasure watching jakeem play at tech and I know when he makes a team in the NFL that team will not be disappointed.

Joseph Pineda -20 hours ago
Bears pick him up ! We’re in need of playmakers and fresh legs back there on kick and punt returns !
Bear Down !

Caleb Riley -6 days ago
It was so awesome sitting next to him in class and meeting him his last semester. Great man on and off the field.


2 Responses to “Jakeem Grant; Packers should add this special playmaker in mold of Hester, Sproles, Holliday”
  1. Chris Booster says:

    I’d trade Adams to whoever will give the most. maybe Dallas or NE since Adams actually had good games against them in 2014.

    Get the highest draft pick possible for this stiff, and go with the other 5 above plus draft Grant.

  2. Da Truth says:

    Dis here Nigga will be at least a great punt returner right out the get go.
    If da Packaz take him, I be surprised.

    The old man Thompson likes his playaz slower, as seen on da field las year on offense.

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