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KENNY CLARK can help make Green Bay Great Again

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From Brian E. Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

~Pre-draft mocks. Post-draft grades. They mean nothing.

Only time can judge who was a good pick, and where they belonged to be drafted. Period. Not Mike Mayock, not Mel Kiper, not Todd McShay, not the folks at CBS Sports, Fox Sports, USA Today, Draft Countdown, Walter Football, or anyone else on Twitter or anywhere.

Many Packer fans wanted to hear the name Reggie Ragland called at pick #27. Some wanted to hear Andrew Billings, even though he would have been available with the Packers third round pick, amazingly.

Ted Thompson has heard of those players. He’s met them. He’s scouted them. He’s talked to them. He’s talked to coaches of them, and coaches against them. He’s seen more film on them than any of us, and he has talked to his scouts who also have met these players. Ted knows more than we do.

Now, that doesn’t mean he’s right. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t make mistakes. Defensive lineman Jerel Worthy was Thompson’s second round pick a few years ago, and Thompson traded up for him.

Thompson also used the #16 overall pick on Justin Harrell, who I had graded as a second rounder, and whom 90% of Packer fans were mad about the moment his name was called.

Thompson also selected a defensive end out of Purdue in the second round a few years ago named Michael Neal, who the consensus had as a 4th-6th round pick. That pick also hasn’t worked out.

But Kenny Clark gets my endorsement. And that’s despite the fact that I admit that I would have selected Ragland, and done so within seconds of him not being taken at #26. However, I have never met either player, and never talked to either player’s coach or opponent’s coaches.

He moves easy for a big guy. He has brute strength. He’s the team captain for the UCLA Bruins. He’s only going to be a 20-year old rookie. I like this pick, Gruden said.

He added a pass rush to the equation. I thought he took his game to another level. Kenny Clark.

Our guy over at Packer Chat has this on Kenny:


“The defensive line has to set the tone.” I think Mike Daniels likes that thinking. I think Mike Daniels is going to love being on the same defensive line as Clark. These guys are going to wreak some havoc for opposing offensive lines, quarterbacks, running backs.

Ted Thompson gets the benefit of the doubt from most pundits, because his track record is pretty good. It’s not the best. But it’s pretty good.

If you believe in Thompson, then you love this new defense with Clark joining Daniels and Letroy Guion as disruptors, predators, big nasties in the trenches. Daniels said a defense can’t be great with a bunch of nice guys. That’s true. And these guys, these three in particular, have some big nasty in them.


I think Kenny Clark will be every bit as good as B.J. Raji ever was, and I loved Raji coming out of Boston College. Raji was the #9 overall pick, and it was a 50-50 that he’d even slide that far.

He measured in at 6-1 1/2, 337, with a 5.23 40-yard time, 3.02 in the 20, 1.82 in the 10-yard dash. His 20-yard shuttle was 4.69, his 3-cone was 7.9, and the Big Freezer did 33 big reps of 225 Lbs. which is mighty impressive.

Clark measures 6-2 1/2, 314, with a 5.06 40-yard time, 2.90 in the 20, 1.72 in the 10-yard dash. His 20-yard shuttle was 4.62, he didn’t do the 3-cone, and he did 29 reps.

Raji, despite about 20 more pounds on his frame, actually had a bit higher vertical and broad jump. But Clark is quicker as shown in each category, and he’s just about as strong.

Now, Raji is out of football, as he turns 30 this summer. Clark is only 20, so the Packers have gotten much younger and fresher on the defensive line. They’ve also hopefully gotten better. But, as always, only time will tell because it takes time for anyone to accurately judge a draft.

That doesn’t stop the internet geniuses from handing out their grades of Thompson’s work.

Donald Trump hopes to make America Great again, erasing numerous severe errors that this country has made the past 10-15 years, here and all over the world.

Packer fans hope Clark can help make the Packers defense great again. I think he can.
But only time will tell. Stay tuned.

“Make Green Bay’s defense great again.”


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