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Packers should bring in veteran QB Griffin to backup Rodgers

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From Brian E Murphy, Packers Insider senior editor

~Seven years ago this Spring, four NFL teams fortunes changed with rookie quarterbacks added to guide the future of their franchises.

At the top, with the first two picks, the Colts selected Andrew Luck from Stanford, while the Redskins pinned their hopes on Robert Griffin III from Baylor. Later in the first round, the Dolphins grabbed Ryan Tannehill from Texas A&M.

Later in the draft, the Seahawks grabbed Russell Wilson from Wisconsin, mostly with the thought of being the backup to recent free agent addition Matt Flynn.

Packer fans are well aware of what has happened with Russell Wilson and Seattle.
Miami is almost set to give up on Tannehill.
Indianapolis learned immediately how good Luck was. And how bad luck to Luck would doom the Colts in 2016 and 2017.

The Redskins? Griffin, RG3, was sensational right out of the gates for Mike Shanahan’s offense. Matt LaFleur, incidentally, was the QB coach for Griffin that year.

As good as Luck was, and Wilson was, Griffin was the NFL Rookie of the Year. And he was beating the Seahawks handily in that season’s Wildcard game.
Then he hurt his knee.

He’s never been the same, and he’s been relegated to being a backup. Last season he was Joe Flacco’s backup, and then moved to the #3 QB as rookie first round pick Lamar Jackson was handed the keys to the Ravens offense.

Griffin is 28 years old, will turn 29 in the middle of February. He’s seen it all. He’s been on three teams already.

True, part of what made him such a weapon as a rookie was the Michael Vick like running ability Griffin possessed, and he lost most of that as a result of the ACL injury in 2013.

But have you seen Brett Hundley out there running the Packers? Did you see DeShone Kizer last year? His passer rating was 40.5. Griffin’s career passer rating is just south of 90. This is an immediate upgrade.

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